Genre: x86 Windows 32 Bit Assembler
OS: Windows 95 - 10
Author: Test Department
Release: 1999 - 2004
License: Freeware
Version: Latest - 23 Apr. 2004
A complete copy of Test Department's website from 2004 in chm format.
If you get only a blank screen after executing the chm file, right click the chm file, select properties and enable access!
Introduction, examples and programs related to x86 Windows 32 Bit programming with source code (TASM Syntax). The examples and the programs can be executed without the MASM32 environment. The programs work from Window 95 - 10, also with Windows 64 Bit operating systems. For own experiments you can download the MASM32 environment package here:

Genre: x86 Windows 32 Bit Assembler
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Author: el Comandante
Release: 02 January 2019
License: Freeware
Version: 052019 - May 2019
elGUI4Wget is a Graphical User Interface for the included windows wget binary executable file.
Wget is a program to fetch websites, part of websites, directorys from websites, files from websites... and save the data local to your computer drive. Wget is a command line tool. Also with this GUI you should read the included wget manual!
With elGUI4Wget assembler source code (MASM Syntax). The Wget source code is also included in this package.

Genre: x86 Windows 32 Bit Assembler
OS: Windows 95 - 10
Author: Test Department / el Comandante
Release: 08 Nov. 2017
License: Freeware
Version: 2017b - 11 Nov. 2017
This Audio CD Player is a remix, based on Test Department's Nano CD Player from 2001. The original player works well today, except a graphic error while inserting a new CD. There are some minor bugs which are also fixed.
To fix the graphic error the complete MCI code is moved to a Timer Thread. The color depth of the background bitmap image is changed to 8 Bit, to reduce the size of the executable. The background bitmap is assigned as a brush now, so no WM_PAINT action needed. The rest of the original source code (TASM Syntax) was only changed if necessary. :-)

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